The Botaniste

The Botaniste, Florist for Montague Retreat Center

The Botaniste specializes in making flowers look fresh from the garden - at once orgainic and polished. We work hard to tailor our arrangements specially to each client's individual vision and aesthetic. Designed to be a uniquely beautiful reflection of the celebration, our flowers are often locally sourced, with a look that is lush with unique blends of texture and color. Having begun the business as a florist in New York and then London, and now with a shop in Easthampton, MA, our arrangements encompass a variety of styles. We have lots of props and botanical treasures to help personalize your event. The tasteful canvas of Montague Retreat Center will allow for whatever look you would like. Please visit for more information and to book a free consultation.
Owner: Corina Miller

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101 Main Street, Easthampton, MA 01027